Caribbean Consortium

Advisor for Green Energy in the Caribbean (AGEC)
We are selected members of the Canadian National Electricity Roundtable (NER) that have formed a consortium.
The overall NER is a group of more than 30 Canadian organizations with international experience and a wealth of expertise. Among them we find key utilities, IPPs, equipment suppliers, engineering firms, construction companies, consultants, universities and Federal Government Ministries.

Scope of Offerings by AGEC
The AGEC Team can provide differentiated offerings in generation, transmission and distribution including all Smart Grid solutions for metering, control and communication. Our offerings are based on meeting customer needs to supply electrical power in areas where where there are significant challenges, particularly related to weather. 
Over many decades NER members have been involved in all aspects of electrical power projects. They are known for their quality, creativity and reliability.
With support from the Canadian Government, they can provide unique long-term infrastructure design, installation, financing and operation.

Additional Information about AGEC
Please see the following web site for additional information about the AGEC such as our offer, expertise, members, overall Powerpoint presentation and contacts.